1. The organiser reserves the right to alter or make changes to the published details of the event as necessary.

  2. The organiser reserve the right to refuse admission or eject any persons for anti-social or threatening behavior, actions likely to cause damage or injury, or failure to comply with the reasonable request of the organisers. Entry will also be refused to those who appear to be intoxicated.

  3. Due to organisational reasons, re-entry is not possible.

  4. No alcohol will be severed to any persons under the age of 18. A Challenge 25 policy is in place and proof of identification may be required.

  5. Event stewards will be entitled to search any persons & or their possessions anywhere within the venue. Staff will not take any responsibility for any prohibited items.

  6. Prohibited items include, but are not restricted to: large parasols, tents, gazebos, awnings, laser pens, air horns, barbeques, paper lanterns or any lighting with a naked flame.

  7. Strictly no food*, glass, cans or alcohol may be brought into the venue. (*except baby food)

  8. No illegal substances &/or any items deemed to be a potential weapon or threat to public safety are permitted within the venue. Any persons found in possession will be

  9. Well-behaved dogs are permitted in the event arena. Please clean up after these.

  10. Recreational photography of family, friends &/or scenic views of the venue/event is permitted, except where other persons attending the event can be clearly identified as the main focus. Please therefore be respectful to other people’s privacy or you may be asked to stop & or leave.

  11. Only mobile phone cameras and small digital cameras for private use are allowed: video cameras are forbidden.

  12. Photography/filming/recordings for professional/commercial use is not permitted without prior written authorisation from the organiser.

  13. All persons entering the venue consent to any photography, filming and recording as arranged by the organisers for possible future transmission or promotional purposes.

  14. The sale of unauthorised merchandise is prohibited. 

  15. Please follow any direction/instruction given by event safety stewards.

  16. CCTV is in operation at the event with images recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. All incidents of crime and disorder will be reported to the police.

  17. The event area is a licensed premise. Please note when you leave these premises you will be entering an alcohol-free zone where no alcohol is permitted, or you could be liable for a fine.

  18. Please be courteous to our neighbors when leaving the premises, don’t drop litter & keep noise to a minimum.

  19. Covid-19
    Please don’t enter the site if you have Covid-19 symptoms.
    Please wash hands frequently and use hand sanitiser stations available around the site. Please clean up after yourselves.
    Please practise social distancing and wear a face mask in enclosed spaces.
    Please be considerate of others.